Stick Run

All you need to know about Stick Run. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Stick Run - All you need to know about Stick Run. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Stick Run Tips

Stick Run Tip

The Stick Run is an online game and stick run tips are two inseparable part .The game found its popularity within months of publication. In fact the game received huge member ships within weeks of launching. The game allows player of all ages. Thus being an online game the Stick Run is now receiving innumerable players across the globe. The Stick run tip can be an excellent format that can help the player to achieve the desired result. The stick run tips are mostly based on observations and feedbacks of experienced players


The game is all about running and overcoming hinderance.It is essential to understand the game point and performance is ranked according to the way the player runs. The entire performance record is ensured depending upon the hardships faced. However the following Stick run tip can help you to outperform your opponents.

Stick run tip


  • Before becoming a member of the game it is important to have an idea about the game. To do so you must join one of many forums related to stick Run .This forums are a kind of guiding star. The forums are known to have many expert members who can provide you with valuable guidance and information.
  • The game is all about speed and techniques .Therefore before starting the game it is very important to know the rules. However by rules I mean the player must know the tricks of the game.
  • During the initial phase it is wise to choose weaker opponent. Stick run being an online game provides the details of all players .Therefore to maintain good track record choose less well known player to have a score.
  • Regular practice can help you to overcome the obstacle more easily. Since the game involves levels and with each level the obstacle becomes harder. Thus an efficient player will rise with level and the key to achieve more level is to overcome the obstacle and this helped you to score better. Thus the player must practice on regular basis.


  • It is important to have an online account in Facebook .This is the only way to become a member of the community.Infact players signed in through Facebook gains better benefits.
  • If you are truly in love with Stick Run then do not waste your leisure hour. It is wise to observe while other players are playing. This you can do by observing our friends. Every experienced player knows the real trick to defeat the opponent so it is better we learn it.
  • To get easy with the game it is better to challenge your neighbor. This way you can gain more experience.
  • The player can slow down the pace by pressing right and left arrow.
  • It will be ideal to use the cheat codes in case you find certain level unreachable.
  • Moreover the down and up arrow can help the player to slide down the obstacle. This is an ideal way to speed up the pace and rise your score.
  • If you are planning to earn more coins then it is better to sell your experience .You can simply create and design character and create your own player.
  • You can ask senior player to sit with you when you start the game. This experienced player can provide you with more tricks and information.

  • To get some of the best stick run tips you can become the member of Facebook community. There are many posts that deals with solution to common problems related to the game.
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